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Podcast Central #PPAMonth Special: Anime Podcast!

Time to sit down and watch some anime!

So why not sit down and watch it with these amazing podcasts! Each one of these podcasters have spent so much time watching the Pokemon anime that they made a podcast about it! Some of them watch it just to have fun and see if Ash will finally win a battle. Others have decided to dive deep into the lore and analyze each frame for bits of development.

As part of Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month, we reached out to some of these podcasters to give us their top pick for an episode to listen to. This is perfect if you want to get started on listening to these podcast. If you are a long time fan then you would love to give these episodes another listen. Either way, you are going to have a good time as you listen to these episodes. Maybe even learn a thing or two about the show that you love so much.

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month!

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: Romeo and Juliet– Ash crossdresses, Brock is confused about the object of his affections. A man and woman struggle to get it together and some firefly Pokémon do a cute dance. It’s an episode of crazy humor, that somehow managed to birth a thoughtful discussion on how Ash relates to love. Forever a favorite.
Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: In The Pink– Mikey: Ken and Adam gives you a taste of what you can expect from Gotta Watch’em All with talking about some of their favorite Pokemon news. In this case it is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. You can also get some great anime talk involving the first new opening theme song and all the pink!
PokePresPoke Press: Live Pokemon Music Discussion– Mikey: Get ready to hear about Pokemon in a way you haven’t before! Pokemon music being done live! You may have never heard of this happening but that is why Steven and Anne are here! They will share with you the best times that you could have heard Pokemon music preformed lived from NYC to The Down Under!
AniPoke BrosAniPoke Bros: Ash and Gou Travel To Every Region! Ash’s Lugia! – Mikey: The AniPoke Bros will tell you why they are excite for a brand new season of the Pokemon anime. From the art style and concept! It isn’t often that you get to hear people get excited from the very start of a series. So strap in to enjoy some Pokemon anime fans enjoy talking about what they love to watch!

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