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PokeScience Announcement and Future!

Things are changing with PokeScience!

Recently, an announcement was made from the PokeScience podcast regarding the cast and the future of the podcast.

This long running podcast has brought listeners with various science facts. All along with how it all ties with Pokemon. After all, there is plenty of science in Pokemon from Biology, Social science and beyond! All of this and more for five years and more! Thanks to the hosts Chris, Don, Lucas and Maddison.

Concerning the Cast

On Monday, Chris, Don and Lucas have announced that will be leaving the PokeScience podcast. This announcement was made in the recent upload for PokeScience. Chris, Don and Lucas share what they love about sharing their love of science an Pokemon via the podcast. It is a nice listen. Especially if you love Pokemon and Science.

You can hear the announcement here.

The Future of PokeScience

On the future of PokeScience, Maddison will still be around to lead the show. She has plenty of plans for the future. Those plans includes expanding the sciences that the show will cover along with their ties to Pokemon. This includes having various hosts and guests on to talk about the science that they love. Some of these hosts and guest will include old favorites. Others will be new! Some of them may involve voices that you have heard from other podcasts. Perhaps, other Pokemon podcasts!

PokeScience will also offer various types of different programing in the type of episodes they will have. Today, a special preview episode was release where Maddison and Trainer Lyla discuss real world animal influences behind some of your favorite Pokemon. Go ahead and take a listen below.

PokesciencePokeScience: PokeScience Live! Pokemon in the Real World- Recorded on December 3rd 2022 at GalaxyCon Columbus, Professor Maddison and Trainer Lyla discuss real world animal influences behind some of our favorite Pokemon. Then they discuss real world animals that may be even more interesting than a Pokemon.

We wish Chris, Don and Lucas the best in the future! Hopefully we can meet them one day and even listen to them in the future! In some form or way! Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing what PokeScience has in store for us on the podcast airwaves.

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